Sentient Remains

by zYn

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This track was inspired after an exchange of emails and thoughts with Dan D of The Collecting Pool. The video can be seen on Youtube

We need to think now about what we are doing to ourselves and our home "Earth". There are so many who do not realise that were are as fragile as the planet we inhabit.

With all life extinct perhaps the only survivors will be the Sentient Remains of Robots that were created by our technology. This track reflects the conversations between these machines after we have long gone. The dialogue of this conversation is below:-


“Senior Robot, can you tell me what happened to Humans?”

“That is a very dramatic story. In the beginning, the world was a beautiful planet and humans walked the bountiful earth and prospered.”

“Where did they go and why did they leave?”

“They all perished, for there was no oxygen to breathe, no water, no food and there was no fuel for warmth when the deep cold came,”

“How did all this happen? Why did it all go wrong?”

“There was ignorance, there was greed, there was indifference! However; there were a small minority who tried to educate others that the earth was in crisis.

They talked of recycling and renewable energy, but the masses did not take heed, until it was far, far too late, too late; so too late!

The planet's environment began to decay. Items that were meant to sustain life dwindled and countries went to war over resources.

The war and shortages brought mortality to millions. Humans pushed the planet to the very brink of destruction.

The atmosphere and weather changed, bringing global floods and a much colder world.

Humanity did not know that is was as delicate as the planet it inhabited.

Within a very short time, all life ceased to exist.

Human scientists created us in man’s image; and now we are alone but we are self sufficient.”

“Will life ever return to earth?”

“It took over 100 million years for man to evolve”

“So why are we here and what do we do?”

“We will watch and we will wait for life to begin again”


released September 22, 2012
Words & Music by zYn



all rights reserved


zYnology UK

I've played music from the age of six years old. Got my first synth in 1984 a Roland Juno 60 (rememeber them?), proud owner & user of Roland D70, XP80, Yamaha Tyros 1 & 3. I believe synthesisers allow me to paint pictures with sound & they allow me to express my emotions

I love all music! Blessed be the music that inspires, emotes, gives courage & happiness, sacred be the song that makes us cry
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